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Sitting well is essential! A few months days ago we talked about it in the article Ergonomics in the office, which solutions to adopt, today we are going to focus on office chairs, chairs and seats on which we generally spend more time than in our bed!
In many professions, some people have to sit at their desk for many hours. This is why it is essential not to neglect the design of the work space. Moreover, the creation of an ergonomic environment ensures certain advantages related to health, but also to productivity.
Paper consumption in companies has a significant economic and ecological impact. Despite the rise of digital technology, paper consumption has increased by 126% in the last 20 years. According to a study by ADEME, each North European employee uses between 70 and 85 kilos of paper per year...
If you’ve used a film camera, you must have used Kodak film. For younger people, Kodak was as famous as Coca-Cola or McDonalds. The undisputed world leader in photo film.
Need to be better organized? To manage your tasks, your agenda, and your projects, you have a wide range of choices.
We have seen that to be in compliance with the GDPR and to avoid unnecessary risks for your business you must use a shredder to destroy your paper documents containing personal data.
The manual feed requires you to insert the pages in small quantities and as you go along. If you have a large number of pages, you must wait for the device to feed them.
Absolutely, no matter the size of your company. As soon as you process personal data, i.e. data that (in)directly identify a natural person, e.g. name, bank account number, you are obliged to respect the privacy legislation. This is therefore necessarily the case for you.